Devils Fan Club Membership
How do I become a Devils Fan Club member?
To become a Devils Fan Club (DFC) member, or to renew your membership for the new season, click here to download the membership application. You need to fill it out, print it and mail it along with your payment. You can also pick up a form to fill out and/or deliver your form and payment to our table at every New Jersey Devils home game and at our monthly meetings.
Please read the membership application information and instructions, which can be found at the bottom of this page.
We do require a written signature on the form, so it can't be emailed to us or submitted online.
Please do not mail cash, but it’s okay to pay in person with cash.
We do not accept credit cards (and the fees to process them) at all, saving our pennies for our youth hockey charities.
Memberships expire on June 30, at the end of our fiscal year. We will remind you to renew for the new season until the end of October.
What does membership allow me to do/have?
As a Devils Fan Club (DFC) member, you will...
  • Receive a DFC membership card (available a few weeks after your sign up, starting in November)
  • Receive our newsletter, Burning Issues, published and distributed electronically ten (10) times each year, and our bi-weekly membership update and reminder emails
  • Be eligible to attend our monthly business meetings which take place from September through June and usually feature a guest speaker associated with the New Jersey Devils
  • Be eligible to participate in all Devils Fan Club member events and trips and to attend the NHL Booster Club Convention, held during the second weekend each August
If you want to be an active member in the Devils Fan Club, that’s great. It helps make our events better and you might even become active on one of our committees or a member of the Executive Team. If you don’t want to be active, that’s okay too.
What do I need to do as a member?
Once we have your membership form, you’re not obligated to do anything. We encourage you to take advantage of the membership benefits noted above. If nothing else, please stop by our table on the main concourse at any Devils Home Game, or at any of our monthly meetings to pick up your membership cards.
If you need to update any of your info (name, address, phone number, email address) during the season, please send an email to with your membership number and any changes you need to make.
We also want you to renew every season and encourage your friends to join.
What if I don't want to become a member?
We’re sorry to hear that you don’t want to become a member. You can still take advantage of our discount ticket offers, but you’re going to miss out on all of the great membership benefits listed above. If you change your mind, you can join or renew at any time.
Membership Form Information
To view the PDF files we suggest using Adobe Reader. To download Adobe Reader for free, please click here: Download Adobe Reader.